White cotton knit drape jacket
White cotton knit drape jacket

Well I finally finished a ย project that I have had for the past 2-3 months. I pushed myself to sew up the garments so that I can move on to the next project (all I am going to say is it involves Denim). As I am sewing up these jackets with ease and my wonderful jazz music in the background. I started to get even more excited about the jackets and how well they are turning out!

Well let me explain. A friend of mine saw a previous jacket I made and she loved it. She told me she wanted it a little smaller, but over all she liked the look. The next day she hands me a bag of material and my first thought was, “this fabric is not gonna work!” Well be the experience seamstress that I am. I sat on the material to think about construction techniques. Well before I know it, 4 weeks have gone by and I have not even cut out the fabric!! 2 weeks went by and I finally decided to at least lay out the fabric to see if the pattern will fit on the fabric. Each piece was maybe a yard and a half. In my mind I kept thinking this is not gonna work, but in the back of my head I kept saying we gonna make this work!!!

Fast forward a couple of more weeks, so here I am jackets are cut out and all I need to do is sit and sew. Last night was that night! I decided I have other projects in my head that I need to sew up and I cannot move forward until these things are done. I put on some jazz music, closed my door and got to work!!! I was so proud of myself. Each jacket turned out great! I reenforced the shoulders w/ some bias tape, so that they will not become droopy. I finished off each garment with my serger. I was skeptical of the finishing, but when I completed one all the way, the finishing was perfect.

I did such a great job on my clients jacket that I decided to “whip” one up for myself! and Viola! The results are phenomenal! I paired the jacket w/ a white polka dot shirt I have had for 3yrs but never wore, because I felt it was missing something. I feel as though this is a great combo I can dress up with a pair of black or grey slacks and heels. OR dress down with a pair of great straight leg jeans and wedge sandals!

All in all I am excited my jacket turned out so great and I look forward to wearing it ALL summer!

Thanx for listening and remember Keep creating, Keep sewing!






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