My New Sewing Space. Organized and Revamped

I would like to believe I have a sewing room.  Actually my “sewing room” is crammed in the corner of my  master bedroom in my apt! BUT my dream is to have a REAL SEWING ROOM/STUDIO one day! (fingers crossed).

Well needless to say, I have a very small space. I took my queen bed out and replaced it with a twin bed, which gave me more room to “spread” out my material for cutting. Even though I had space to spread out my things and work.  My space lacked organization.

I was surfing the web one day and came across this awesome blog. This lady revamped her sewing studio and actually organized all her patterns in envelopes and file cabinets. The space was so neat and organized I swear it was love at first sight! Needless to say, I was struck with inspiration!

So the next couple of steps is my humble attempt of organizing ALL my patterns from chaos to organized and streamlined.

Step 1.  I gathered all my paper patterns that were stashed all over my apt!

Photo May 09, 8 58 28 PM

Photo May 09, 9 03 54 PM

Photo May 09, 9 03 58 PM

Step 2. Envelopes and Sheet Protectors

I used the standard 9″x12″ yellow business envelopes. I had a box laying around. I use them for storage when I make my  own patterns. I went to my local Staples and bought a box of standard size clear heavy duty clear sheet protectors. Actually I used 2 boxes.

yellow envelopes and clear sheet protectors

Step 3. Stuffing and labeling Envelopes

I gathered my patterns and started to stuff the “paper” pattern into the yellow envelopes. I labeled each envelope with the Pattern number in the upper right hand corner.

Photo May 09, 11 54 06 PM

Step 4.   Then I took the pattern envelope (the envelope w/ the pretty picture) and placed it in the sheet protector with the instructions.

Photo May 09, 11 54 15 PM

Step 5.  Afterwards, I placed each sheet protector in a 3″ binder. Depending on the amount of patterns you have, this will determine the size of the binder. I eventually changed everything to a 4″ binder with D rings so the sheet protectors will lay flat.

Photo May 09, 11 54 30 PM

Step 6.   I have a mobile plastic storage for my buttons and threads. I use to keep my patterns stuffed in the bottom drawer. Now they are filed away in numerical order. My Patterns are also stored in my two drawer metal file cabinet.

Photo May 10, 1 13 12 AM

All in all, this process took me about 3 days to complete, (I have tons of patterns). I tell you after I got everything in it’s place I felt like I won the lottery! Everything was so neat and in its place. I actually felt inspired to do some more sewing!


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