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My Favorite Ugly Sweater


My Favorite ugly sweater. Don’t worry I know it’s ugly, and it was worse when I bought it.

A few years back I was at a local Goodwill store, my favorite Goodwill store at that. I was looking for a new sweater, because my other ugly black sweater was falling apart (and that will be another blog).

So I am  literally sifting through the garment rack one item at a time. Which is something I never have the patience to do, and  I was beginning to feel a tad bit anxious, because I was not finding what I was looking for. All of a sudden, BAM! I see the sweater! A long khaki sweater with a double cuff sleeve.  Around the collar there was this gawd awful looking fake fur. It was horrendous and thank goodness it was removable .

I was going to put it back, but then I read the tag. The sweater was by one of my favorite designers, Willi Smith and it was made  of 100% wool. I love natural fibers. Finally I found a sweater I can take home with me!

I wore that sweater all winter. It went well with my jeans, skirts and overgarments (Islamic style long dresses) and it was WARM!

Now for this season I felt as though the long “duster” look was over. I just did not like the look. I have been contemplating on giving the sweater away, but I REALLY liked it because it was a wool sweater (again I love natural fibers). So I stuffed the sweater back in my bin, until inspiration hit.

I went to my Pinterest boards and started looking for ideas on recycling clothing. Then it came to me, I will cut it and add some type of knit material to make it into a drape jacket. As I thought about it more I was not sure if it would work and was not sure on how it would drape etc. Then I started to think about material. Did I want a printed material or solid. It was getting complicated.

One night I wake up with an idea and I loved it! I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how to do it. I even knew what kind of material I wanted to use! So I start going through my swatches of material and pulling out tons of stuff. Then finally I found the right kind of material, a rayon blend in a khaki color that matched my sweater perfectly! It took me a total time of 2.5  hours to cut my sweater, cut enough trim to make ruffles and to finish off the sweater.


Once I completed that it was a breeze to stitch it up and finish it off. I have to tell you I am so pleased with my sweater and it turned out better than what I thought!!!

I am so pleased with the outcome and I am ready to buy dozens of sweaters to recycle!


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