Batik Me

batik patttern

Here is another  project I have been wanting to do for some time, and I finally got around to completing it.

I bought this wonderful pink batik material probably 5 years ago at a discount fabric store. I believe it was on clearance for $.99 a yard. I usually buy bolts of material when I catch them at drastic low  prices. In this case I bought maybe 15 yrds of fabric. My intentions was to make me a shirt and make a couple to sale. Well that never happened. This material has been in my stash for like 6yrs now.

Lately I have been giving away ALL my shirts that are to ugly to wear, to frumpy, to small or just plan to big with holes in  it. I am down to literally 4-5 tunics and one just got a huge bleach stain on it. When I re-organized my material stash, I came across this fabric and thought again how pretty the color and print was. I figured it was time to drag this fabric out and make a new shirt.

I made a custom tunic for a client made out of linen. It turned out great!!! When I saw a pic of the client with the shirt on I thought it was cute and I would like one. I wanted to keep it simple. A pull over, something tailored at the shoulders and something fitted with darts.

I had this pattern for some time and this is the same pattern I made my client’s tunic from.


Well as you can see it turned out great! The only thing I would change on the next shirt. I will give more ease in the arm hole and add about another 1″ around the hips. But all in all, I love the tunic and it looks great paired with this lime green scarf and my blue jeans.



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