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Custom overgarment by SiriIISiri




A very good friend of mine that I have know for years wore this custom Over garment to a play she had the honor of directing. Like I said I have known this wonderful beautiful lady for well over 10yrs. Our children grew up together and now our children are almost grown.

I got the call from my friend that she has returned to the theatre and that she was volunteered to direct this mystery play. She was nervous, anxious, fearful but yet excited all at once. I was happy for her and knew she can do it!

Well about a week before opening I asked her how things were going? How were the actorsΒ  etc? She replied in the affirmative things were on point and turning out well.

One night as I was getting ready to bed, it hit me. I know for a fact this women would NOT have something decent to wear to this play. My wonderful beautiful friend stands atleast 5′ 9″ tall and she is as skinny as a doornail! She and I both agreed it is hard for her to find clothes that will fit her properly. Especially length wise. So AGAIN, in the middle of the night, I am hit with inspiration. I sent her a txt and told her I will have something for her to wear for the opening night. She is a director of a play, she of all people should look well put together!!!!

Again, I go through my famous fabric stash and pulled out a wonderful piece of maroon fabric. The fabric is polyester, which I do not care for, but it was still pretty. I had an intricate basket weave in the fabric. Almost afrocentric in style. I loved it immediately.

I originally wanted to pair it with a cream twill fabric I had. Unfortunately, I could not find that fabric. Instead I found a wonderful piece of dark khaki material. I was not a heavy piece of material, nor was it see through. It was the perfect weight for what I needed for.

Once I got my friend measured up and her pattern made. It took me atleast a day to contruct this garment.

20131211-124416.jpgThe bodice of the garment has an Asian influence and is fully lined.

The skirt of this over garment is the dark khaki cotton material. Because my friend is very tall I had to add a panel at the bottom of the skirt. I believe the total length of the over garment was 63″ and that allowed her to wear at least a 2″ heel so the garment would not drag the floor. The sleeves are trimmed with the khaki material and they have a draw string in the cuff to tie it closed.



This pattern is something I sketched and designed myself. I usually make them with or w/out hoods. I made a yellow and grey one with a hood and ppl went crazy over it. The one thing I do to set this design apart from other designs is the peek a boo pocket. Made with a contrasting color. People will stop and ask me to look at the pocket.Β  They love it!



All in all, My friend and her husband loved the garment. Loved the fact that it fit and that it was comfortable to wear. When she wore it to the play, she said everyone praised the garment and craftsmanship… All praise to God, my work was done!



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