Sewing: Tools of the trade by Siri M. Carrion

Women With Gifts International

sewing two
Recently, I completed a blog called Your must have tools for sewing . As I was goind down my list, one thought led to another about the tools that one will need for their craft/skill/art.
A painter needs canvases , paint brushes, paint, an easle. A jewelry maker uses beads, string, clamps, plyers, crimp beads, fastners etc.
As an experience sewer there are tons of tools one will need to complete their garment or current sewing project. As a skilled seamstress, when I see an interesting piece of material, a design pops into my mind. When I see the design I also see how to construct that garment and the β€œtools” needed. Nowadays, sewing machines come with so many different attachments. Your sewing time is cut down by half. When you think about the time invested into making a garment in the present compared to garment contruction from the past…

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