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Altered Custom Garment



couple of years ago I decided I was gonna go for it! I was going to resurrect my design career. I had a long talk with a very close friend of mine and we both agreed our children are getting older and they will be out the house soon (my oldest graduates May 25th, then off to College *wipes tears from eyes) So after our LOOONG talk I realized she is right. What will I do with my time? What will I fill it with?

So many people ask me ALLL THE TIME why do you not have your own line? When are you going to start sewing? Then a light bulb went off in my head and I thought “YES!” it is time to put my energy back in to who I am and what I love to do. Sewing, Creating, Designing.

On this particular day, I went to visit a friend in Charlotte, NC. I was asked to participate in a fashion show and Β I needed to shop for fabric. She told me of the HUGE fabric place call Mary Jo’sΒ in gastonia. My friend bragged and bragged about his place. I finally was able to go and shop for fabric. I walked in and my mouth fell open! I WAS IN LOVE.. Great fabric was every where.

I had this design in my head for a while. Like one night I literally woke up and thought this would be perfect. I needed an overgarment… wait, let me explain what an overgarment is. An overgarment is usually a nice looking outfit that you wear “over” your house clothes. As Muslim women, when we are in our home we can pretty much wear what we want and usually Im in a pair of sweats or leggings and t-shirt. This attire is something I would definitely NOT wear in public.

Back to the story, so I needed an overgarment that I could just throw on and rush out the door. Β I had this wonderful piece of brown linen that I bought years ago and a light weight brown cotton material with a paisley print on it. Both are light weight and easy to clean. I drafted the pattern and sewed the garment up the next day.

When my friends saw my garment everyone loved it! So here I am at Mary Jo’s shopping for a funky cotton print and linen material to match.

All I have to say is Michael Miller has wonderful prints. I found this Aqua/grey/yellow print and they called it “Groovy”. I love it. I made one overgarment and a pants and tunic set. Everyone loved the outfit.

A friend of a friend saw my designs in the fashion show. She was pregnant at the time but told me when she has the baby she wants this overgarment. Of course I did not sale the one I had. It was my sample and I needed it.

Well fast forward 1 year. I decided it was time to sale my samples and she was the first person I thought of. She was so excited that I called her. I told her if we can agree upon a price I would alter the garment (she is petite) and send it to her.

I began to measure the garment and compare to her measurement. I realized the garment was not to far off, as far as measurements goes. I only had to shorten the length of the garment and shorten the sleeve length.

Last week I sent it to her and she absolutely love it! She said it fit perfectly and she will be wearing it non stop!!!

As a designer I am automatically excited about my designs BUT when you meet someone who is even more excited. It makes what I do worth while and gives me the motivation to keep going!!!!

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Thanx for the love Fam and as always Keep Sewing!!!!


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