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Custom baby booties

I was on Pinterest , my absolute favorite page to hang out on. I was scrolling through some “pins” and kept seeing these awesome cute baby booties. My daughter also, crochet a pair for her teacher. They turned out so cute. As I kept scrolling I kept thinking these are to cute and I can do this!

One day, or should I say night. I woke up with an idea. I was trying to figure out what can I do to make extra money to dump into my up and coming design business SiriIISiri. Of course baby booties jumped into my mind! So I went to Jo-ann’s and bought a few patterns and a few pieces of fabric. I thought my twist on the idea would be I can make African Print baby booties. I have not seen anyone making them.

I found a some Faux kente cloth print material and lined them w/ yellow chevron print material. Everyone loved them. I think they turned out well.

African print baby booties

On another day at work we had a lot of children’s pajamas that had to be destroy (extra long story, don’t ask). So I took a few pieces home to “craft” with. You know make a few rag rugs, pillows, quilts,etc. As I was cutting up pajamas, I thought these would be great baby booties. We had all kinds of prints. Camo print, Lizards, Fairy and hearts. So I took a few pieces home and this is what I came up with…


Custome Heart baby booties
Custome Heart baby booties



They turned out SSSOOO cute. I have another pair that I added crystals to them ( I will upload picture later). So now in my “spare” time I sit and sew up baby booties and sell them for $20 a pair. I even went to a consignment shop that show cases work by local artist. I may be able to get my product in that store! Awesome sauce! 🙂





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