Prepping for the show




I have been prepping for this show all month and I still have alot to do before I hit the road tonight. I am so excited about ALL the new possibilities thatare about to open up. I am excited about the new people I will meet, the networking involved. From what I understand, tickets are sold out! Alhamdulillah. I am praying everyone loves my dresses and I sale out!

This journey has been an interesting journey from an emotional stand point. It is hard to juggle your personal life, your social media life, design a line, manufacture that line AND work full-time. People often ask me how do I do it!? Every second of my time I use for #Siri2Siri Either I am jotting down new ideas. Blogging, marketing, promoting or just dreaming.  A huge portion of my time goes into my vision, my dream.

The hardest part for me was staying on task and keeping my head in the game. As well as, pushing myself to keep going and not get lazy and stop. I have learned that when things are about to take off, I tend slow down, but in reality if you want to be successful and see your dreams come true you cannot slow down and coast of autopilot. You have to keep reinventing yourself and make moves to the next level!

In the end I am proud of myself for not quitting  and for not getting side track and for NOT pulling out due to fear. I decided to repeat to myself over and over again. I am NOT afraid!


So far everyone loves my dresses, and that keeps me going. At the fashion show I will premiere my colors and dresses for Fall 2014.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors. I wanted something bright for the Fall/Winter but colors that you can build on. The dress will be th





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