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A New Sewing Trick

I bought a pair of jeans last year from target to wear on vacation. I LOVED THESE JEANS. They were almost perfect! The length was WWWAAAYYYY to long. But I wore them anyway, mostly with a pair of heels. After a few times of wearing them I realized that I will not be wearing my heels all the time and I need to shorten them a “tad bit”.
Well one day I decided today was the day Β to cut them. I was doing some alterations for a few customers and thought why not hem my pants as well. I told myself to slow down and take my time but I was in a rush and guess what? I CUT THEM TO SHORT!!! a whole 1 1/2″ short.

After I cut and hemmed them, I still thought, “it’s ok” , “there not THAT short!”… after a few times of putting them on, realizing they look horrible. Taking them back off and throwing them to the back of my closet. I was just in shock! My FAVORITE jeans ruined!!! ugh!

Time went on and I just kept moving the jeans aside to look for something else. All the while wishing I could some how fix them. I remember even thinking of adding another piece of denim to them, but it would not work. They were different denim weights.. Im telling you I was so down in the dumbs.

One day I was on Pinterest Β Β and found a blog on pants alterations. I saw this blog BEFORE I cut my jeans to short. When I saw the blog I thought please that is NOT professional looking.. 0_o (don’t judge me!)

Well guess what as time went on that blog popped back into my mind and I thought to myself that would be the ONLY way to fix my jeans!!! So now I am on a mad hunt for the bottom part of the jeans I cut off, because I remember I did not throw them away!!!! I turned my APT upside down!!!

One late sad lonely night I FOUND BOTH CUT OFF PIECES!!! Whoohoo!

So this is what I did. I knew I needed to shorten the length of my pants by an 1 1/2. I moved the cut off piece down the required length and pinned them together







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