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My facebook milestone has been met!!! 500 likes

Thank you likes 500

Today was an awesome day! I woke up this morning extra early and I quickly began to organize my day. What was priority and what was not priority. Of course the 2nd thing on my mind, besides saying my prayer and giving thanks. Was to see if I reached 500 likes on my page. I was 7 likes away. I had to make a decision, despite of the likes and how many I needed. Should I start my giveaway today or wait until the big 500 was showing on my page.

Of course I decided to wait, that is my OCD behaviour. Instead, I began to post my etsy store link to various groups ( this is my monday ritual) and I wanted to post my link to my facebook fan page in a few groups as well.

I AM SO HAPPY, I did that. With in 20 mins I had 505 likes on my page! I was so happy, I felt as though I won the lottery! Really, I felt like I accomplished something huge and I can strike it off my list, which I did by the way.

I am just so pleased with myself. Every once in a while, I have to ask myself what is all this for, my sewing, my designing, blogging etc. I have to constantly remind myself what is the big picture! (read my next blog “This momma got a plan!”) Some days I am just want to give up. My mind is so clouded by life and personal challenges. However, when I think of the big picture and continue to read and hear inspirational things about success and following your dreams. I soon realize, this is all a test. When I pass the test the outcome will be awesome.

I have to work through the emotional slumps. Through the financial slumps and keep my eye on the prize! Me reaching my goal of 500 likes has just given me even more push to make my dreams come true! Im ready for the next milestone!!!

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Stay blessed!



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