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This Momma has a dream


I have a dream ya’ll. I have a plan! And every day I am excited to lay out my plan and think how to make it work. I decided 2yrs or so ago. That I need to make a go at my designing career. I mean I did not get a degree in fashion design and marketing for nothing right? I was not blessed with this gift of sewing and creativity for nothing. So I have to put it to good use before I lose it.

I have a full time job. I am the office manager / assistant designer for a children’s clothing company. It was a husband and wife team. Sadly, the husband passed away 2yrs ago. When the husband was alive. He always told the story of how they started their business. I would hear them both say over and over again, how they both came here with little to no money and barely spoke English. The wife went to college and received her degree in computer technology. She told me one day she was at the Apparel Mart with her husband who sold shoes. She saw a few children’s lines and told herself, these clothes are ugly and she can create a better children’s line. They took out a second mortgage on their home and she began designing. She started with pajamas first. They had to order the minimum of 6,000 pieces. She said they sold maybe 3,000 pieces and had tons of left over inventory. Her husband found a person that bought over stock inventory and they were able to get ride of the inventory. Each year after that the sales got better and better and each year they learned something new about the business.

When I listen to her story and how they grew their business I was just amazed. I always felt there was a reason why I was placed on this path. I so enjoy working where I am now. I am allowed to witness how a business is suppose to operate. I remember talking to her husband about the business and marketing. I told him this one on one info I would never be able to learn in business school. I always think I was definitely placed on this path so that I can have my own business.

One day she saw the dress I was making for a fashion show. She loved it! Afterwards she encouraged me to seek out funding for my business. She also suggested I expand my line, etc. Because of her encouragement, I really want to make a go of having my own clothing line.

The more opportunities that open up for me to show case my skills and my dresses, the more excited I get about my journey that I am on. I feel it in my soul that this is my purpose in life. Every step and stitch I make towards my goals the more excited I become of the possibilities if success.

The plan for 2015 is to make my line more successful this year than last year. I need to increase my inventory, expand my line, and show my line at every fashion show possible.

My dream? Is to quit my job, stay at home with my children and have my own successful business. That is my dream!

Check back to follow my progress and leave a comment to wish me luck.



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