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A time for reflection


I recently had a birthday (yay me!) and I was going to do this huge blog about my birthday and my reflections for the year. But then I got busy with life, sewing, kids. You know how it is!

Now it is the beginning of the year. #2014 is over. As we closed the year I have to say it was awesome.

I was able to participate in a trunk show, where I debut my maxi dresses.

I was invited to be a part of a great fashion show in Washington DC and everyone loved my dolman sleeve maxi dresses and my turtleneck maxi dresses. I wrote an interesting blog about it. Read about it here.

I was asked to be a guest blogger for Women With Gifts. I was given an image award by DMC ( Deen Media Center). I had my first ever #SiriIISiri photo shoot and launched my #Etsy shop.

2014 was an awesome year. When I made up my mind to become serious about my purpose in life and my gift that was bestowed upon me. So many doors opened up for me. I was amazed and thankful. I constantly day dream about my life and the changes that will take place. All I can think about is slow and steady work will pay off. I see the results of my hard work paying off now. And even when I am frustrated or just not feeling “IT”. I have to remind myself of the big picture. Which is having my own business and being able to stay home with my children. Some how I continue to push myself through the rough patches of life and I keep the faith.

Already 2015 has started off with a bang, and you will have to wait to read about those things later. I’m just so excited to see what cool and awesome things will happen. And while I am waiting, I have to prepare my mind for the up coming journey. Push down my fear and continue to have faith in my creator and know he is in control. My main goal this year is to produce inventory so I am ready to ship quickly. And to promote my Etsy shop. Something my boss always says, is you have to be prepared for the what if’s. To me that is the key to success. Being prepared.

As I map out my journey and continue to make plans. I feel it in my soul that big things are on the horizon and things are going to open up soon. That is the ammunition I need to keep my head up and to keep moving forward.

2015 is going to be an awesome year!

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