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Quality is the name of the game

I was shopping one day at a local Halal market. As I was looking through the meat selection something caught my eye in the clothing shop at the back of the main store. I am always looking for places to place my dresses. So I decided to see what type of clothing they carry.
As I sifted through their clothing I saw this very cute blue caftan trimmed with gold trimming. As I got closer I saw the belt hanging on the hanger. As a designer/ seamstress, it is a habit of mine to turn a garment inside out to examine the construction of the garment. As I was inspecting the garment I kept wondering where does the belt go?
Then I saw the most shocking hideous thing ever? A hole cut in the front of the garment. IMG_7338.JPG

At first I thought there was a mistake. I pulled the front garment and to my surprise there were two HOLES in the front!! For the belt..


As I continued to inspect the garment I began to look at the stitching on the inside of the garment and the outside as well. I just kept thinking this is poor construction for a garment that is suppose to be glamorous and feminine. Who in their right mind would allow this garment to be sold with their design name on it? Better yet what buyer would offer this item to their customer. The quality is horrible.



I grabbed the tag to see how much this item cost. My mouth fell open, $99! I let go of the tag and knew i needed to blog about this. There are a list of things that will stop me from buying a garment that cost over $100.

  1.  A garment that is NOT serged off properly in the inside of the garment is not a quality garment.
  2.  If the garment is sewn with white thread and the fashion fabric is NOT WHITE, that is not a quality garment.
  3.  If there are holes cut in the garment to hold the belt. Please do not buy the garment.
  4.  If the garment is made from cheap fabric, I will not spend my money on it.
  5.  If the garment is not hemmed properly. It will stay on the rack
  6. If the zipper is sewn in crooked
  7. if the side seams do not match up
  8. The zipper is NOT the same color of the garment
  9. The sleeves are crooked
  10. The hook and eye is not sewn in properly or is an off color that does not match the fashion fabric


Im sure the list can go on forever and ever. I just wanted to list a few things for starters. Please understand, quality control is very important. If the garment is of poor quality, then it will not last very long. Literally after 2 washes I am sure the garment will fall apart.

Word to the wise. Do not get caught up in the sparkly trim of a garment. Always turn it inside out to examine the garment. If it’s of poor quality put it back!

Thanx for reading this blog and letting me vent.


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2 thoughts on “Quality is the name of the game

    1. Bismah thank you! And yes we have to demand better quality in our clothes. I have put back several garments due to the fact, the quality was not up to par! :-/ and that is why I started making my own clothes. 🙂

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