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A night of sisterhood

The Bonds of Sisterhood
The Bonds of Sisterhood


I am so totally late with this blog! but I had to finish it. I am still excited about our #Sisterhood gathering. A team of wonderful muslimah’s decided we needed an event to happen to kick the new year off right! We needed to bond and show support to sisters who needed a few encouraging words to get out of their slump!

Alhamdulillah (All Praise to God) one of my dearest friends asked me to speak. At first I was so nervous and thought what am I gonna say! I had nothing prepared and I decided to speak from my heart.

We as mother’s always, always, always, put others before us. In our minds, we always think, “after, this I will….” and it never happens. Then one day, our kids do not need us any more and we are left wondering what to do with our lives.

I was asked to speak, for the simple fact that I am on this great journey of self reflection and  understanding what my purpose is in life and accepting my gift. If I had to present a bullet point list, it would look something like this:

  1. It is never to late to begin your journey in life.
  2. The kids will eventually grow up. While you are planning their future. Plan yours
  3. Do not concentrate on the bills. Squeeze and love your children and continue to dream
  4. Never give up on your goals. Not even for your children
  5. Make a vision board to remember who you are before you become a mom. We tend to forget.

All in All it was an awesome night to be there with some great people. Encouraging each other to stay the course and how to be better people, mothers, muslimah’s and friends! We truly experienced #Sisterhood.

What great advice would you give to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood?

Help one another, is part of the religion of sisterhood- Louisa May Alcott

Another magnificent Queen
Another magnificent Queen



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