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Wednesday Wisdom- Life is tough


We all go through something every day. Whether we like it or not. How we deal with that issue will determine the outcome. If we stay in the corner crying about how hard it is or how bad it is. Then we will fail every time.

We have to believe that we are tough as nails and we can overcome anything. Believe in yourself, Believe you will make it.

Always remember Life is tough BUT YOU ARE TOUGHER! Continue to believe.



4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom- Life is tough

  1. I appreciated your touching post. Depending on the experience crying may seem like the only thing you can do. However, it solves nothing. Remembering that we are tough and have made it through much worse can help to keep us going.

    By the way, I really like the fatigue piece that you have created. You don’t see enough pieces like that today. Thanks for bring creativity to the table.

    Keep up the good work : )

    1. Joy avani, you are to kind! this was a last min post. I want to stay consistent w/ my post. and this piece was just a reminder for myself.. so it was just a little pep talk to me! πŸ™‚ THANK YOU for reading and liking the post.

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