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Wednesday Wisdom- Start with yourself first






best for  you

#WednesdayWisdom It is February and usually this month is made out to be the month of LOVE! People are usually happy because they are in Love with someone else, or they found their soulmate.  OR to the other extreme they are miserable because they ARE NOT in Love with someone or have not found their soulmate. Love comes in all shapes and forms and does not necessarily mean you have to BE IN LOVE with someone else to be HAPPY. Let me say it again, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE IN LOVE with someone else to be HAPPY… Love for self starts with you! If you want to be happy, then fall in love with yourself FIRST, make yourself happy. Live the life you want to live! When the right person sees this wonderful glow all over your face , because of your overwhelming love for self and life, they will know you are the one for them! Start with self first!




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