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I heard the Cha-Ching


It has been a long time coming. I finally heard it! Cha-Ching! My first order from my #Etsy shop. ย I opened my shop September 4, 2014. I remember my excitement. I was up late nights writing descriptions for the dress, posting pictures, adjusting the appearance and reading everything I could get my hands on pertaining to establishing a successful store.

Some days I was excited and some days my vision was blurry about my mission and purpose of having an Etsy shop. I remember a few times feeling so down and wondering, “what am I doing wrong?” and “Am I doing enough!” The more I research about SEO, joined Etsy forums, I felt better and felt this was a “normal” process. I joined a few Etsy groups on facebook and I was able to ask questions and get real answers. I felt like all this info was a gift from God, telling me to hold on it will happen be patient. And I have been doing just that. Holding on and being patient. I continue with my marketing (posting on social media mainly), I continue to blog ๐Ÿ˜€ and continue to seek out opportunities to showcase my dresses.

The hardest part is fighting myย emotions and not giving into the idea of giving ย up, throwing in the towel, saying screw this I’m out! Honestly, when the thought comes across my mind, something good happens to me. I have had a few people message me to say they love what I am doing and love my dresses. Getting positive feedback on my blogs, all these things keep me going.

At one point in time, I just came to the understanding that things will happen when they are suppose to happen. In the mean time I pull myself upย and I keep going. Holding on to my hope, my dreams and the idea it will happen when God decides it is time! I have to stay positive in my thoughts and continue to stay prayerful.

Fast forward to Feb 24th. As I am on my way home I hear a cha-ching. I thought that is not my txt message alert, so what is it. I look down and it says YOU HAVE A NEW ORDER! I about ย cried right there. I could not jump up and down, I was driving. All I could do is smile from ear to ear, say a small prayer of thanks. Instantly, I relived every negative emotion I have been feeling in the last 6mths, and emotionally kicked them out my brain and told them, “see I told you it would happen!” I am so elated and so motivated right now and I can SEE the pay off.

If you find yourself in a position where you feel nothing is going right. Take a deep breathe, breath, relax, regroup and continue to believe in yourself. I am here to tell you IT WILL HAPPEN!

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Best wishes on your journey!



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