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Flash back Friday- My first Dress

I was thinking about sewing, as usual, ย And a flash came across my mind. I remembered my very first dress I made for myself for Eid ( an Islamic celebration at the end of Ramadan). I was so excited to be making my own dress. My mother took me to Hancock Fabrics. I found a pretty shade of purple satin material. I picked out pearl buttons to match for the neck and I made a huge purple bow to go on the skirt.

This was my first time sewing on a slippery satin material. It was so hard and frustrating. My interfacing was to thick for the material, it puckered every where and I had to put shoulder pads in the dress. YIKES!

At some point I was very discouraged because it was not turning out the way I wanted it to.I was so in experienced and frustrated I gave up several times. The dress was shorter than what I wanted, I did not know that I should’ve measured myself for the correct length.

If you know anything about sewing, to sew on satin or slippery material you can only sew and take it apart but so many times without all these big holes showing through so I finally constructed the dressed properly. This was my first time sewing a dress following a pattern so I was so nervous.

I wanted to give up but my mom encourage me to continue and to do the best that I can. We had a long time family friend who was an expert tailor seamstress. She happened to see my dress, my grandmother told her that I made it and I remember when she looked at my dress and turned it inside out she told me that I did a fairly decent job and she smiled. When she told me that I felt so much better inside, because I got the best compliment ever from the expert seamstress. Of course she encouraged me to keep practicing and show me told me some things I could of done to make it better. All in all, I felt so confident in my skills.

I still didn’t like the dress. It was not a good fit and it did not hang the way I wanted it to hang and didn’t make me feel the way I wanted it to make me feel. But I did learn a lot about sewing on a new fabric, which threads and needles to use.

Again to receive such a great compliment from an expert master seamstress/Tailor made my day and gave me the positive energy to keep sewing.

Maybe one day I can find an actual picture of me wearing the dress, but until then please use your imagination. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for reading and walking down memory lane with me.

You can findย  out more about me and my sewing adventures on Twitter, IG, Pinterest, facebook and etsy.

Have an awesome day!



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