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Wednesday Wisdom – Let Go! Let God!

The old people would say, sometimes you have to let go, and let God! When I first heard of this I was confused and asked myself what does that mean? (Insert confused look)

Time is the best healer of the heart and the best teacher in life. In time you realize what is most important to you and what and who not to waste your time with. In time you learn to let go and that you do not nor cannot control every aspect of your life. In time you learn to not focus on the negative and to only focus on the positive. In time you learn to place absolute trust in Gods hands and LEAVE IT THERE. In time you come to understand and appreciate the meaning of Let go. Let God!

Stop the emotional tug of war. Control the things you know you can control and leave the rest in God’s hands.

Keep ya head up FamilΓ­a and stay prayerful

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