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Black vintage Throw back 

I love love love vintage photographs. Back when the Internet was just a dial-up modem and the only websites available were websites of local or national brands AND wwwaayyy before Flikr, Instagram and other sites.  The only way to find interesting pictures was to seek out antique stores or estate sales.

 I had a few antique stores in Houston that I would pop into and look for unusual pieces or vintage pictures. I remember one day I came across a box of vintage pictures of the south and families of the south and as I was looking through the box I remember thinking I wish I can find black vintage pictures.

Now that we have websites like Pinterest I spend my days looking for vintage pictures and vintage clothing. So today I wanted to share a few of my favorite black vintage pictures I found on Pinterest you can see all of my findings on my board labeled black vintage here.

Enjoy the pictures and if you have any cool vintage pics to share please do so. As always you can find me on IG, Twitter and Facebook 

Have an awesome Thursday and don’t forget to like, comment or share this story! 


  1920 African American Flappers  

African American Models

Women waiting on the train


More Flappers 1920




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