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Wednesday Wisdom- No Negative Vibes 


As salam alaikum familia, peace and greetings! I know it’s late in the day for my #WednesdayWisdom but I could not find the right #InspirationalQuote to express what I wanted to say! 

Of course it is almost time to go home and I finally found one! 

This speaks volumes to me right now! You see I was presented with a project and of course I am all in and was totally excited about it. But in a matter of days I began to feel over whelmed and unsure about my capabilities. When I realized how negative my thoughts had become and how down I was feeling. I quickly realized this is not me. So I began to make dua and ask Allah to remove this feeling. So I got up and began to sew and I began to feel better. I told myself I need to keep working and move past these feelings. 

So as I prepared for my meeting and pulled all my info together I kept praying. 

I had my meeting they loved my ideas and samples and now I can move forward with the project. I told myself to stop stressing you completed the project now

You have a few days to relax. 

A reminder for myself and others, shaitan (Iblis, devil, Diablo ) is there at EVERY TURN of the road and he is always ready to spread doubt, chaos, negativity in your mind and surrounding environment. 

Remember as long as you are walking with Allah (God, Dios, the most High) you will never go wrong and you are always protected from negativity! 

Keep ya head up familía and stay prayerful

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