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my royal blue maxi, my tween line mint green maxi and my Siri2SiriBasics steel grey maxi dress
Siri2Siri plus size turtleneck Maxi Dress
family pics and my best friend

One of the best days ever, no silly not Christmas! For Muslims, the best day ever is Eid! We just finished up 30 days of fasting from sun up to Maghreb (which is our evening prayer). In the beginning it is hard to get your body on a schedule of limited drinking, eating and sleeping. By week 2 your body should be well adjusted. By week 3 you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and your response is either yay it’s almost over! OR wow it’s almost over I need to do more good deeds! By week 4 you are counting down the last days, hours and minutes!

For designers this is crunch time! Your body is already tired. Mentally you are exhausted. You are hungry and thirsty.  When you walk into your studio all you see are huge piles of fabric that are suppose to be dresses for customers. Who by the way ,keep calling, texting, sending you messages via Facebook about their outfits. All you can think about is how much you just want to sleep! yes crunch time is here. 

I usually shut down for the month of Ramadan. I like to spend that time increasing my prayers and my readings. Cooking for other people and spending time with family and friends. Part of my dua( prayers) during Ramadan was for success in my business. As soon as I made that prayer the phone has been ringing non stop.  I had a huge increase of calls for last minute garments. So I was doing the thing that I hated to but I was also grateful for the business and comments of “I trust you and I know you will get it done!” I was very blessed to have several opportunities open up for me. AND I may have found a trust worthy, competent assistant. YAY me! 

So during the middle of Ramadan my schedule was: come home from work, make prayer, take an hour nap, get back up and either cook or go to the masjid to eat and pray and then spend at least 3hrs sewing.  It was a hard a schedule, what kept me going was the thought that Allah ( God) has granted me this favor AND this hard work will pay off in the long run. This time right now is me paying my dues before the next level of success comes along. 

I am ever so grateful for any and all opportunities to use my skill to create garments that people love to wear! As I was sewing I did not feel stressed out or uptight. I really felt at ease. I was truly happy to be there sewing, making silent prayers to myself, being thankful and dreaming of what the future has to hold for me! 

My goal was to be finished with all my projects 3 days before the Eid. That way I can rest for the last two days of Ramadan. As I was burning the mid night oil and putting finishing touches on packages. I realized I needed to make my Eid Dress! Now my stress level was back to high! Thank goodness I was smart enough to buy my children’s Eid outfits before Ramadan. 

Fast forward, night before Eid. All packages were sent and had arrived before Eid to the customers. My local garments had been delivered. As I was getting my henna done. I told myself I am not gonna stress about sewing my dress up. Instead I decided to wear my royal Blue dolman maxi dress with a hot pink hijab. It was 100 degrees day of Eid and the prayer was held outside. I wanted to be comfortable and cool! I am happy with my choice. So many people had the same thing on, instead I stood out! YES!! 

All in all, everything turned out great! I was able to keep my schedule and fulfill my goals. I am truly happy and blessed. We had a wonderful EID! 

Thank you for reading about my Eid Adventures! 

You can find out more about me and my sewing adventures on Twitter, IG, Pinterest, facebook and etsy.

Have an awesome day!



24 thoughts on “MY EID ADVENTURE! 

  1. What a great post- Masha’Allah you’re so lucky you do something you love! It’s a blessing not afforded to many.
    Lol it’s ironic the dress maker wasn’t able to have a new new custom dress.. It always works out that way for some reason.
    Very inspiring . Best of luck with your business Insha’Allah !

  2. Nice adventure. Great it involved burning the midnight oil for something you are passionate about. I’m happy your customers got their packages on time… *happy ending*.

  3. Dear sister, you look very happy contended and pleased. Masha Allah. Only a lady passionate about her work could taste such happiness.Wise of you to have got your kids clothes earlier,Eid mubarak

  4. I had fun reading this post and oh my those outfits are absolutely Gorg! Masha Allah. Hope you haad a wonderful eid with your family and friends x

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