The best feeling EVER!

I have had so many admin things I needed to follow up on. It was ridicules! Any one who knows me knows I hate filing and all that other admin stuff!

This morning I needed to get up and out the house early. So I put the kids on the bus and I dashed off. My appoints ended early this morning so I actually had time to kill. I did. Not want to go back home, because I knew I would be late for work. Instead I went to the coffee shop and headed to work. I was able to get caught up in some emails. Follow up with customers. Post things to my IG and Twitter account. RIGHT now I am finished and I feel as though a huge!!! Weight has been lifted off my shoulders! YES!! Right now in my head I am doing the dance from Rocky. When he runs up the flight of stairs and throws his arms up! You know what I am talking about! YES that is me right now! 

Now I feel like I can move forward and concentrate on my designs and my sewing! I am ready to create! 

Have an awesome day! 



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