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Wednesday Wisdom- Smile and Pray

I was told awhile back a sister on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/siri2siri) that she liked my positive messages. My reply was this, it could be worse. I could be crying all over the place, stressing about life, always depressed wondering why me! Instead I smile and pray about it! I have learned that in life things that happen are for a reason (Qadr of Allah) or a direct result of your actions. Either way we have to accept the circumstance or consequence. Understand we cannot change everything in our lives and the things that we cannot change we need to leave it and pray about it. In the end our understanding of our relationship with Allah (God,Dios, The Creator) is that we cannot achieve nothing in life without his help and giving him praise. SO Smile and Pray! 
Have a good Wed fam and keep ya head up! #Siri2Siri #Blogger #Designer #MuslimahEntrepreneur #Success #Pray #Live #Life #Laugh #Positivequotes #InstaQuotes 



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