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Wednesday Wisdom- hardship and ease 

“Surely with difficulty there is ease.” Quran 94:5
This is one of my favorite ayats (verses) from Quran. Allah ( God , Dios, The Most High) has promised. When you are going through a difficult time. If we are patient and can bear the hardship the ease will come. Life is full of test and hardships. Some hardships are easy and short lived. Some are long and seems as though they are never ending. During this time we have to remember the ease and that it will come. We just need to hold on, stay positive, prayerful and patient. 
Don’t stress out fam! Allah ( God, Dios, The Most High) he has your back and he will get you through this. When he makes a promise he keeps it! You just need to believe!

Have an awesome day. Keep ya head up and keep moving forward. 

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