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This girl right here is doing great things 

  As I was sewing his morning trying to finish up a uniform for a student. I was going through my Facebook timeline And stumbled across a video from buzzfeed. As one video was finishing up another one played. This video caught my eye and I had to stop sewing, replay the video and I just smiled! 

This beautiful girl from New Jersey by the name of Kyemah Mcentyre was talking about her prom dress and how she designed it herself etc. what caught my eye is that she designed an Afro centric prom dress! Something that represented her heritage and made a huge statement in the fashion world. At the end of the video Tyra Banks walks out with a dress on that Kyemah designed just for her and she stated the same thing I was thinking. NO ONE is doing what she has created and it is so needed and refreshing to see. 

As Tyra was speaking and showing off her dress. My mouth fell open! 1. You just had one of the most influential models in the fashion industry “shot you out” on national tv. 2. She commented on your IG post and made you instantly famous! She is 16yrs old!! WOW! How freaking awesome is that! 

I really began to cry for her. She is so freakin awesome and to receive so much recognition for her beautiful dress was amazing and it’s every designers dream!!! 

I love to see young designers with “raw” talent receive affirmation and recognition of their designs and art. She could be wasting her energy on useless things. Instead she is using her talent to make a name for herself. 

Maybe later I will figure out how to embed the video in this post. Until then, here is a link about a girl who broke the internet with her self designed one of a kind prom dress. 




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