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#TBT- Every Designers Wish

This has been sitting in my draft folder for a very long time. I have been so busy sewing that when it comes to writing. It’s the LAST thing I want to do!

So today I decided to take a few minutes to finish this and my other “Drafts”. Actually I was very excited about this post and this cardigan. Honestly I was writing it in my head as I was sewing. Afterwards I tried to recapture the feelings I was having and I just got tired! Enjoy my #TBT blog!


Every designers dream is to make that one item that everyone drools over and says out loud “I have to have this!”

Well I think I have accomplished just that! I had an idea for a drape cardigan.  I kept telling myself I need to make myself some   cardigans.

I have a black knit cardigan I bought from a store I will not name. Hint- it starts with a “W”. I was actually impressed with the jacket and it quickly became my favorite thing to wear with everything. Of course as time went on little fuzz balls developed on the jacket and that began to annoy me. In the back of my mind I kept saying I need to make me a new one. I can draft a copy off this one and make another one with a few tweeks.

As I was thinking about this I had a customer that brought me her cardigan and she asked if I could make her another just like the she brought BUT make it longer. Of course that was not a problem and I got to work on it immediately.

As I began to trace off the pattern, that is when it hit me! Let me use this pattern to make my drape cardigan. Her cardigan tied in the front. I did not want that. I just wanted mine to stay open and drape! I wanted it to be very easy breezy!

I found this wonderful piece of remnant fabric at my favorite fabric store. I always thought it would make a nice light breezy cardigan jacket. So I bought a few yards and began to play around with it.

I did not want the cardigan to be structured. I wanted it to be a one size fits most.  What I wanted it to do is “cover” my hips, my backside and compliment my style. You know easy breezy.

As I began to cut and sew.  I am typically a step or “sew” (you see what I did there. 🙂 ), ahead of the process. I kept thinking how am I going to finish this off? I do not want to do a narrow hem. My machine that does rolled hem is broken (That’s another blog in itself). So what am I gonna do?!?!

When it was time, I used my serger to finish the product. The knit is a waffle knit and it has small holes through out the material. So really serging it was the best way to go.

Once I finished the garment I tried it on and FELL IN LOVE!

The colors were beautiful. It draped perfectly. It “covered” the parts I needed to cover without it looking frumpy. I simply adored it.

Over the next couple of weeks I wore it every where and people started to stop me on the streets and asked me where did I get this from? When I told them I made it. The instantly loved it and began to sell them. I had one person buy one off my back.

Every where I went I received rave reviews about my cardigan.

I posted the cardigan on my facebook page and Instagram page. Instantly I began to get hits and customers Inboxing me to place their order.

As people began to stop me on the street and buy the cardigans. I knew then my creative dream came to life!

I created a must have garment that everyone loves!!!

Thanx for reading my exciting blog and Happy Thanksgiving!!



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