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Wednesday Wisdom- Woman in the Mirror


I have seen this #Quote several times and I may have posted it before. I am using it again because it really speaks to me. 

It reminds me from where I came from. Who I am today and what I am striving for in the future. 
When we are on a path of spiritual and personal growth. If done consistently, who we are today and who we will become tomorrow will be totally different. At each level of progression and success we need to re-evaluate ourselves to make sure we are still on our path. 
Do not get caught up in past issues and who you use to be. Embrace the new you and keep changing for the better. If you don’t know how to change. Pray about it and ask Allah ( God, Dios, The Most high, The Creator) to guide you to those who can mentor you and help you become the better women/person you want to be! 
Don’t give up on yourself! Keep pushing forward. 

If you loved this quote you can view other quotes that give me life and motivation HERE 

 Have an awesome day! 



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