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Wednesday Wisdom- Tread Water


As I was listening to a scope on Periscope (you can follow me @Siri2Siri) and the person was speaking about treading water. I started to chuckle, because the reality is I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO TREAD water! and I placed it on my bucket list! lol Ok yes I know he was speaking in a metaphorical sense.

When I tuned it and stopped being silly. I really took what he said to heart. There are days I do want to give up or feel nothing is going to come of this #Entrepreneurial thing! ย Continue to read below. This is what I understood from the #Scope! Enjoy!


There are days you want to give up! Nothing is going right! You are not making money! Customers are complaining! You are not meeting your goals!
No matter what you do and how you do it. NOTHING is getting done! You want to throw in the towel. All you know is you are working hard and you do not see the pay off!
Now is not the time to quit! TREAD water and know your ship is on its way! The pay off is on its way! You will see ALL the hard work, sweat and tears you have put into your passion, business, school work or what ever project you are working on. YOU will see the pay off. Just tread water until your ship comes!
Keep your head up. Stay prayerful and keep working!

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Have an awesome #Wednesday familรญa


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