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11 ways to finish a garment 

I was having a discussion with a sewing student. She asked me about hems and which one would be appropriate to use for her garment. As I was trying to explain to her how to determine which hem should one use to finish off their garment. My mind started to wonder in 5billion directions at one time about hems and which to use.

As a designer/seamstress, you always have a favorite hem you always use. I was trying to figure out how many different hems I knew off the top of my head. I came up with 7 right off the top of my head. I thought that was pretty good. A few I  use on a regular and a few I just started to use.

Either way I wanted to challenge myself to see what I knew and what I did not know. So here is my list of hems.

1.Rolled hem- are used on sheer material. It is one of many ways to finish off a hijab or scarf.

2.Narrow Hem- Is the most popular hem used in sewing and the first hem you are taught in any beginning sewing class. This hem is used for just about anything.


4. Double needle- Is used when you do not have a cover stitch machine.

5. Lettuce Hem- Is like a rolled hemmed. When sewing you stretch your material a little bit to make the stretch material pucker.

6. Serged Hem- when you finish your garment off with a serger/overlock. Turn hem up to your desire hem height then hand stitch or machine stitch hem.

7. Faced hem- I have never used this hem before. However the picture is pretty straight forward. You will use a piece of bias tap or fabric that you cut. Sew fabric or bias tape to garment edge. Press up. and slip stitch close.

8. Cover stitch- I used by a machine on mostly knit material. The machine looks like a serger/overlock machine. One thing missing is a knife to cut the fabric.

9. Rolled Hem- I a lot like a narrow hem. There is a great attachment used to create rolled hems. This type of hem is used on very fine fabrics.

10. Blind Hem- Mostly used to finish off drapes and sheers.

11. Straight hem / cuffed hem- The primary way to finish off slacks.

I hope you enjoyed the list and if you have any hems to add drop them in the comments section!

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Happy Sewing.




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