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A Facebook friend shared this quote from Joel Olsteen. I found it so relevant. Sometimes we push to make things happen and when we push no matter how hard it still does not work.
So then the fight with ourself begins. We push even harder to make “It” happen and when “It” does not happen we get frustrated, irritated, depressed and sometimes believe the “world” is out to get us!

The real test is we have to relinquish control to Allah (God, Dios, The Most High) and let him rectify our affairs. We have to understand that door that we are trying to push open is not going to open until HE decides it’s time for it to open for us.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is be still and pray! Being still (being patient) is our job and test. The quicker we understand how to be still (patient/Sabr) the faster we will past the test and that door we have been trying to force open will open on its own!

Learn to be patient and Allah (God, The Most high, The Creator) Allow Him to do his job, praise Him, don’t lose hope and just be still!

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