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That sewing time of year 

Wow 2016 is here and guess what?? The hustle does not stop!

I was listening to several people last year from #Periscope and people I follow on Twitter. Success coaches, business coaches, start up entrepreneurs. They all had the same message! MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME!

My first thought was, ” what the heck is that?!?” As I continue to listen, learn and ponder this phrase! I began to understand how people increase their income and reach the next level.

Multiple streams of income are multiple ways to increase your weekly, monthly or yearly income.

Once I realized what this term meant, my inner hustler went to work!

In 2014 I was offering sewing classes and mobile alterations. Both were highly successful. I was then told about a website called thumbtack, websites where creativity people can list their specialty and potential customers can read over their work and ask for a quote.

I found my first sewing student from there! At first I thought I would be able to find more students. Well that did not work out so good!

Over the months I kept tweaking my prices and what I offered. Originally my sewing classes where 4hr workshops for $75-$100 some people felt as though that was to expensive. So again I just kept tweaking my prices and sessions. Until I came up with a 5 week sewing session.

I found the right formula

It took me a minute, but I finally found the right formula. In listening to other entrepreneurs, one thing they always said do not become discouraged when something does not work out. Sometime you have to go back to the original idea and tweak it, until you find a way to make it work. I found my formula. People liked my mini sewing session. 2hr sessions and the student must commit to 5 sessions.

Honestly, I really did not think anyone would sign up. Thankfully I have had a steady stream of students looking for sewing lessons.

Now that I have tweaked my formula, the next step is to think about the next level. What will I offer next and now that I have a formula that works I know whatever idea I come up with It will succeed.

Thank you for reading my blog about sewing and business.

You can check me out on Twitter, IG, and you can see my designs in my etsy shop here 

Thank You 




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