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How do you get your projects done? 

I spent the past weekend purging my room and organizing my sewing area. As I was purging and cleaning. I had a few ideas pertaining to my designing process. For the past few months I have been tweaking my process from start to finish. In the beginning of my designing/sewing/blogging journey. I realized I was trying to do to much at one time and I was burning myself out.

In turn, me burning myself out made me rethink my whole schedule and design process. Which got me to thinking about what tips can I give to other creative mind, in regards to a “design process”.

So I came up with 10 tips that I will share with you all over the next 4 weeks. These are tips that I have implemented in my process. My tips may not work for you; However, they may become a source of inspiration for you to come up with your own.

To start here is Tip #1

Design Tip 1

Whatever your craft, journey, or hobby. Take a few minutes a day to think about how you get things done and what you can do to make things more efficient. For example, I have a couple of clear bins, big and small. I make sure they are clear so I can see what is actually in them. I have one bin that stores my fabric that I need to cut. I have a bin that stores my sewing projects that I have to cut and sew. Finally, I have a bin that stores all the pieces that I have sewn up.

I know there are some things I still need to change to really get my process running smoothly, but for the most part this part of my process is working for me and keeping me organized.

If you have any tips feel free to leave them in the comments and Thank You for reading my first tip. I hope it was helpful and will inspire you to re-examine your process.

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As always remember to keep sewing, keep creating.





2 thoughts on “How do you get your projects done? 

  1. Great one Siri. Thanks for sharing that tip. I always say that my space needs to work for what I do. This has been a continued process of buying different gadgets for organization or just setting of the space with things in key positions etc. Its a work in progress and I am tweaking as I go.

    So I am focus now on changing things around and creating a set up that facilitates my creativity….. So I totally agree with you on this first tip. I will look out for the others as well. 🙂

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