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Your creative process-Design tip #2

Design Tip 2


Im back with another tip!  I decided to give a few tips to help those who needed clarity in their design process. These tips I have implemented in my creative process and they have been a huge asset. I am still learning and tweaking my process to find my winning formula. So to start I came up with 10 tips anyone can use.

If you missed my first tip, you can read it hear.

What design program are you using?

For my personal use I have a program I purchased some time ago, Inkscape. Inkscape is basically a low grade program of Adobe Illustrator. For the most part, it is an easy program to use and helpful to get your ideas down on “paper”. However, If I had to choose I would definitely spend the money for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. These two programs have become an industry standard. If you are proficient in these two programs you will be able to get a job any where.

I also have found a couple of articles on various other illustrator programs. I will share them below:

As you can see there are many free programs to use to help you stream line your creative process. A few programs listed was CorelDraw, Inkscape, Serif Draw Plus, Xara Xtreme and Skencil. Other than Inkscape I am not sure if the other programs will allow you to illustrate fashion sketches or flats. I believe they are more for graphic design and animation. 

If you are willing to do a little research, I am positive you will find the right illustrator program that will fit your needs, help you stay productive and allow you to  work efficiently within your work space! 

If you have any other suggestions be sure to leave them in the comments below. 

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As always Keep sewing , Keep creating!  


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