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Where are my tools?-Design Tip #3

Design Tip 3


Have you ever had one of those days where you are focused and determined to get some work done. Only to have to stop and fiddle around the room or studio looking for your tools? It drives me crazy, that I spend the next few mins looking for my tools! Especially my mechanical pen, that my children tend to love to use! lol I thought about buying them in bulk!

My question for you is, where are your tools? I spent a good  month or two. Organizing my working space. I began with my paper patterns. Then I organized my threads, trims and scissors and then I tackled my sewing books. Finally, I tackled ALL of my fabric!

When organizing your area, you want to make sure you keep your most important tools close to you and in hands reach. You can use all sorts of containers to hold your  pencils, pens, rulers, fabric, craft paper.  Get creative with your space. Find containers in your favorite color. Create an accent wall with cool hanging containers to store your items. Remember everything should have a place in your studio. If you need more space remember you can buy more storage containers, big and small.

sewing studio

Something else you can create for your space, and I have actually made this, is a thread peg board.

This one is my peg board

thread board

I found the project on Pinterest


This project was a very easy peasy project and a great weekend project. When I completed the peg board I hung it on my wall and I loaded up the board with ALL my cone thread and I even grouped them together according to color.  Afterwards, I was able to throw away ALL my boxes that I used to store my thread. Instantly, my working space opened up.

A few more things I did. I hung ALL my rulers on the wall next to my machines. I made sure I have a pair of snippers next to each machine. I have recycled an old pencil holder and used it to store my scissors, pens, markers etc. My cutting table is a movable table that I can fold away at any time.

I am so pleased with my space and how much more efficient my sewing/ working space has become.

Below is a picture of my ideal blogging/working space. I love the color combo and how organized it is. It is a great use of wall space and well organized.

My Ideal blogging/business space

If you have been inspired by this blog and pictures that have been posted. You can follow my Pinterest board here for more inspirational studio/sewing pins.

Remember when your tools are close at hand you will be able to become even more productive.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave your design tip in the comments. As always you can follow me on twitter, IG, and Facebook.

As always, Keep Sewing, Keep Creating.




2 thoughts on “Where are my tools?-Design Tip #3

  1. I have that problem as well! I’m generally an organized person, but moving into a new apartment with my husband, I’ve had to make peace with the fact there is no room for a desk, which under normal circumstances I would insist on having. I work from home at the moment, and right now, our dining table is my desk! One day, I will have my dream study! One day!

    1. Yes I totally understand. I gave my queen size bed to my daughter and took her twin size bed. That way I can have more room in my bedroom for my sewing. Now that I’m married my hubby has been so sweet about sleeping in a twin bed lol luckily he works nights and I work days! 😂😂😂 so for now it’s working. Lol

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