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Design Tip 6- Fabric, Fabric and More Fabric.  What to do?

Design tip 6

So you are at the fabric store and you are looking for a piece of fabric you purchase before. You find a piece of fabric you “think” looks like the color you bought. You buy it only to get it home and realize it is not even close to the color! You cannot take the fabric back. So now you have wasted time and money! Not a fun feeling. Trust me I know from personal experience. 

So what I have done is made a swatch catalog and I store the swatches in a three ring binder.  Ok let me back up a bit. 

To start I cut small pieces of material from large pieces of material.  Either  2″x2″ or 3″x3″. 

I use double sided tape and stick them on a 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper or card stock. I write in the color and what I used it for. 

The next time I need to shop for that particular color. I remove that page from the binder and take it with me. Then Voilà no more guessing. I found the right color and fabric the first time! YES! (Insert fist pump here!) 

I hope you enjoyed this quick design tip and I definitely hope it will inspire you to think of ways to store your remnants of fabric. Check out my other designs tips and as always if you have a tip drop them in the comments. I would love to hear them.

Have an awesome day and remember Keep sewing! Keep Creating!



3 thoughts on “Design Tip 6- Fabric, Fabric and More Fabric.  What to do?

    1. Yes I totally here ya! I do mine a little bit at a time BUT I am happy I have a catalog. I went to buy fabric and each time I bought the wrong color or texture! Lol so I got smart. At the very least I keep a small swatch in my purse. That way I know what I am shopping for

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