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Design Tip # 7- Thread, Thread and More Thread

Design Tip 7


I am back with another tip! Thread, thread and more thread. It is everywhere! One year I purchased a lot (meaning a huge bin) of thread. At the time I thought it was a good a idea. Which it was, I did not have to buy thread for at least 5 years. Which is awesome, but then I had ALL this thread in boxes and the boxes were stacked EVERY where! and I do  mean EVERY where! I had thread in my closet, in my storage area, in my kids closets. EVERY WHERE i tell ya!

So one day I decided to come up with a idea for ALL this thread. I needed to organize my area. The thread was driving me crazy.So what did I do? I jumped on pinterest to find an organizational solution.  (click here to follow my organizational board on Pinterest)I found a blog about creating a thread peg board. You can find the blog here.  It was the best blog I found! EVER!

I went to homedepot that very same day and bought everything I needed. The peg board I bought was a tad bit bigger than I wanted. So I had the guy cut it in half for me. It was already white on one side which is what I wanted.

Peg board, this is the back side
My dowel hat I cut

The next step was to take the small dowels and cut them. I wanted them in two sizes. A short length and a very long length. I have a few industrial cones that are very tall.So I needed to accommodate them as well.

The instructions for this thread peg board where very clear and easy to follow. As you can see the finished product. I sprayed painted some trim gold and hung the board on my wall. I have had this for about a year now and I love it. I am also thinking of making another one to hang over my serger. That way I wont have to keep getting up and down to get thread from the other side of the room.

So my best advice to you the sewing enthusiast. Utilize your wall space. The possibilities are limitless!


Finish product

Thank you for allowing me to share another sewing tip with you! I hope it was helpful.

Check back for another tip this week. And remember Keep sewing! Keep Creating!



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