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Design Tip #8- Bins, Bins and more Bins

Design 8

I know you can relate to this tip. After you bought all this fabric what do you do with it now!? You store it in clear bins. Why clear? So you can see what the heck you have and so you will not go and buy the same piece of fabric, AGAIN! lol Yes it has happened. Don’t laugh!

Any who, true story. I had a friend call me and tell me she has some fabric for me. At first I thought ok she will have a couple of bolts for me. I left her house with 22 bags of fabric! YES you read that right 22 bags! yikes!

At first I had everything stored in those 22 gallon plastic bins you can find at walmart. The only issue I had with that process was I could not see what was inside of the bin. I had to tackle a wall of bins to open each one.To figure out what the heck did I have in them.

I was shopping at a discount place one day and they had the 22 gallon see through bins on sale for $10. I instantly thought, this is what I need! I can store my fabric according to color and I can SEE what is in each bin.

It took me about 2-3 days to get everything sorted and refolded. BUT once I got all my fabric stored away I was SO happy. I had a small basement are to store my fabric. It was so awesome and so organized. Now I was able to go to my bins with black fabric and I could actually see what was inside of the bin and the colors too!

So my design tip #8 invest in a few clear bins for storage. It will cut out the hassle of going through all your bins to find a piece of fabric that you think you have. Only to realized after opening ALL the bins that you already used that fabric. Yes that has happened to me!

Thank you for allowing me to share another tip. Don’t worry there is more to come!

To keep up with what I am doing you can check out my IG page here. And as always Keep sewing! Keep creating!




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