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Design Tip #9-What to do with your patterns

Design Tip 9

Here we go! Tip #9 is awesome. At one point I had so many patterns every where. I swear they were multiplying at night. Every time I turned on the light there were more paper patterns popping up. Matter of fact just yesterday I found another box of paper patterns in my bathroom closet! I know crazy right! smh

So again what did I do? You guessed it, I jumped on Pinerest and found an awesome blog about filing your paper patterns. Β I actually blogged about it and you can read it here.

The best thing you can do is come up with some sort of filing method for your patterns. If you have space in your studio for a lateral filing cabinet that would be great. Unfortunately, I did not have room in my space for a lateral filing cabinet. I made due with a two drawer filing cabinet. Later I stacked my cabinets on top of each other in my hall way right outside my door and I placed my binders on top for easy access.

I placed my paper patterns in yellow envelopes and wrote the pattern number on the outside. This method really worked for me. However, each space is different.

You do not have to limit your self to filing cabinets. If you have bookshelves you can place your patterns in numerical order in baskets and place on the shelf.

The point of this tip is to help you organize your space, so that you can concentrate on your project and not the clutter around you.

I hope you enjoyed this tip and I will be back with another tip soon! Remember Keep sewing! Keep creating!

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