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Another attractive cardy on it’s way out the door


Another Siri2Siri Cardigan has left the building! YES! Wow, it is such an amazing feeling when people want your clothing. At times I reminisce about the beginning. I had a dream, an idea, a concept. I had no idea if anyone would “get” the idea or if they would even like it. But I push forward anyway. In the beginning I had no intentions of selling my cardigan. I was making this for me. I wanted something to wear over my jeans and t-shirt in the summer that would cover my “curves” and still allow me to remain modest and fashionable. and Viola this wonderful piece of design emerged. As soon as I started to wear my cardigan every where friends and family started asking me where did I get this from and that is when the light bulb went off. I need to sell these and offer them in other colors!

I have been doing this for a minute ( sewing, blogging, selling). Actually I have been selling my designs on Etsy for about 2 years and blogging going an 4 years. As I prepared this package to be shipped and I am checking my stats in my shop. This Multi blue cardigan has been sold 19 times! I am sure I have sold more at various events for cash. But this cardigan is my number one seller. How awesome is that!

I am so honored and I feel so blessed that I created something that EVERYONE loves. I offer this cardigan in a one size fits most and plus size. It touches my heart to have my plus size customers send me a note thanking me for their wonderful piece of clothing that fits them. Some ladies feel like they will never feel pretty because they never find anything in their size. Either the item is to small or way to big, and that makes them feel worse about themselves. But when I see my beautiful customers wearing and loving my cardigan I smile inside and out. It really warms my heart and confirms that I am on the right design path. Designing practical, modest, functioning clothing. Basics that can be layered to create your signature look.

Wonderful comments and pictures from my customers is what definitely keeps me going.

Check back later for more blogs of me walking down memory lane!

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Remember Keep sewing, Keep creating.




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