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My throwback Blog-     Muslimah Boss Network- How to get started


Here is another stroll down memory lane. It’s not fashion related. However, it is dear to me. My networking event I held for local Muslimah entrepreneurs. I still have sisters asking me about this event. Recently I had a sister tell me, herself and another sister that attended the event have been working together! That really warmed my heart. Hopefully soon within the near future I will host another event. Until then enjoy this post.  Happy reading.


Saturday 11/28/ 15 was an awesome day!  I had my first networking event. This was a local event hosted by me #Siri2Siri.

The event was named Muslimah Boss Network- How do I get started. I did not want this to be an event that speaks about business licenses , etc. Everyone can find that online. I wanted this event to cover the emotional aspect of being an entrepreneur and the emotional aspect of getting started on a path of self growth and purpose in life.

So many women know they want to do things or have an idea or concept. BUT lack the motivation and inspiration to get started.

Those were the things I wanted to discuss.

A few of the topics discussed were:

  • Empowering yourself
  • Learning to speak about your self and your gift
  • How to maneuver around obstacles
  • Goal settings
  • Brain Storm Ideas
  • Moving past the fear

It was a 3 women panel event. I had 3 different women at different levels in the entrepreneur game. These awesome women discussed each of these topics from their personal experience and perspective.

I was so surprised to see such a huge turn out. I was really only expecting about 10 people and I was ok with that. I believe about 20 women with business cards in hand come to “take care of business”.

Panel guest
Panel guest
Room full of Muslimahs there for motivation

3 women panel
We had lunch Catered by a local catering business owned and operated by a muslimah from the Atlanta are. The company is called Simply Elegant and More Catering and Event.


  Another awesome panelist was there to offer her wisdom pertaining to entrepreneurship. Jenny and her husband, Rufus Triplett, have been in business for many years. They have a list of accomplishments. One being, they have been married for 26yrs. You can visit their website here
This wonderful table was sponsored by Deloyce Dhoruba of Brownstone Professional Enterprise, LLC. You can visit her website here

My humble table sponsored by Siri2Siri.

All in all, we had a wonderful time at the first Muslimah networking event. Everyone that I spoke to left feeling motivated and inspired. They were ready to get to work and make their dreams and ideas come true.

My vision for next year, 2016, is to have several more events. Atleast, 3 more in the new year.

If you want to stay in touch you can follow me on Periscope where I will discuss all events there.

To keep up with all announcements you can follow me on twitter or IG.

Please share your thoughts of this blog in the comments section.





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