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My first quick and easy DIY project


I hardly every do a DIY. I just don’t have the patience for it. Some people are awesome at redoing or resizing a dress or skirt they bought from the thrift store. For me, its a not so great experience.

Personally, there are some DIY projects that are awesome and I think, “man I wish I would of thought of that!” Well you know how that goes. You win some and  you lose some.

On this particular day I was on the hunt for a shirt. I gave away  ALL my shirts one day. I decided that If I was going to take this whole “designing” thing serious. I could not spend anymore money on other peoples clothes. I had to wear my own designs. So with that thought in my head. I gave away stuff that I either did not wear, did not like, or was just plan gawd awful ugly. The idea behind these actions was this. It will push me to make my own clothes and tops. Right! wrong……

Just like any other designer. WE never sew for ourselves. For whatever reason we  come up with. For me, It’s fit. My shirts need to fit me a certain way. I am narrow in the shoulders, small back and waist, then hips. At times it is very difficult for me to find shirts that drape properly on me. Besides, I am still defining my “Look”. That is part of the reason why I am so reluctant to make myself shirts.

Any whhhooo, My husband and I decided to take the kids on a vacation. Which was an awesome idea and we had a great time. BUT I had nothing to wear! (Refer back to 3rd paragraph) So I had to go shop for tops and maybe a casual skirt. As I was shopping I was placing tops into my basket so I could try them on. I found this yellow top. I liked it because it matched a skirt I found earlier and I wanted to incorporate more color into my wardrobe. What I did not like about it was this huge collar. I felt as though I was in the 70’s all you saw was this big yellow collar. As I was about to put it back a light bulb went off! I inspected the top and wondered if I could cut the collar and just leave the band. As I checked out I was still wondering if this would work. I only paid $2.00 so I can afford to be wrong. Right? Right!

When I got home I realized the collar is actually two seperate pieces sewn together. So I began to get excited. I mean finally I found something that I liked and that could actually look good on me. Winning!

When I got home my machine was already set up and ready to do. I even had the right colored thread on hand, how awesome is that! So I detached the collar from the band, which was rather easy. Once collar was detached I was able to sew the band back together and viola, I had a new shirt that I actually liked! As you can see I looks good with my African Gele (head wrap) and jeans! This was the first DIY I have successfully completed and I love it.

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As always Keep Sewing, Keep Creating!






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