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How happy I felt when I surpassed 900 likes


Another social media milestone has been reached. I am so ecstatic about my progress. My fan page  on Facebook has been increasing, but for the last couple of weeks it has been fluctuating. Some days it will go up and some days it would go down and then back up. I’m going to let you on a little secret. I can be a tad bit competitive. There is another page I am involved in and they have more likes than me. The funny thing is the page in question has NO engagement however, people are steady liking this page.  So as I am watching this page with NO involvement receive more and more likes and my page is losing likes. Talk about irritated. I am posting, engaging my audience, sharing my page, but this page over here is surpassing my page. I played sports in school ok, I cant lose! lol

As time went on I saw that I was getting close to the 900 hundred mark. One morning I realized I was at 890 and then at 895.  For some reason I got so excited. My hard work was paying off. I decided to adjust my posting and engagement. When you are growing a business and audience  you cannot be a shy, timid person. You have to put yourself out there and that is exactly what I did. I made a post and tagged all my friends on my personal page and told them, “Hey I am so excited I am close to my goal of 900. Please help push me over the mark!” I promise you within an hour I surpassed 900 likes. To date I am at 928 likes!

I am so happy. 900+ likes is a way to show your progress in the social media world. If you have less than 100 likes you are not reaching a huge audience. The more likes your receive the more people you are reaching and they are listening to you. For me, this shows me my hard work and sweat is paying off. As I sit and plan out my weekly content, I have to wonder is anyone out there listening? Does anyone really care? Well to have my goal met within an hour tells me there are people who care and yes I am doing the right thing.

So back to the competitive  part, I used the other page as mark to measure myself to help me push myself to the next level and it worked. I won!!! lol

The next goal is 1000 likes and the way It’s looking I can reach that goal in a matter of weeks. Thank You everyone for  your help and support. Stay tuned for more news of milestones met!

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