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Positive happy thoughts leads to positive successful actions

stay positive

It’s another Monday. The beginning of the week and sometimes the hardest day of the week. Especially if you are a creative and work a full time job. I wanted to share something positive.

I know for me lately I have been struggling to get out of bed and get to work. My dream is to work full time growing my business Siri2Siri ( in another post I need to tell my story on my business name). So every Monday I have to motivate myself to get out of bed. I keep reminding myself that this is part of the process. I cannot just up and quit my job. I have responsibilities. I have children to take care of. I have a car that I need to pay off. So quiting is not an option. At least not right now

Every Monday I have a process. I remind myself  as to why I am doing this. I want my own business so that I can work from home and be with my children. I need more flexibility to be with my kids while they are in school. That is part of the reason why I began my design company.

On Monday’s I post positive quotes on my IG page. Not only are they reminders for me and help me to stay focused on my dreams and passions. It makes me feel good that others who read my positive motivations feel inspired to keep going.

Today I wanted to leave you with this positive thought:

When we stay positive in our thought process and work hard. Only good things will happen in our lives. Stay focused on your path. Continue to take positive steps in the right direction. And continue to hope and believe in time this journey will pay off.

You can view more of my quotes here and here.

Have an awesome monday and Thank You for allowing me to share my journey with you.




2 thoughts on “Positive happy thoughts leads to positive successful actions

  1. Thank you for sharing your positive message. The key to getting over the doldrums, I think, is to realize there are many many people in the world who are going through insurmountable problems. Problems much more grim than mine. Just my thought…………

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