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New Year New Habits



New Year! New Habit! this is my new mantra for the year. 2016 was a blast! Siri2Siri is growing (Alhamdulillah) and I am growing as a designer, as well as, a social media wizard. 🙂 Yay me!

I know I have been absent from the blogsphere for a long time. No, I have not fallen off the planet. I decided to take a step back and organize my back office first and come up with some type of schedule for my sewing and social media.

The last quarter of 2016, I made it part of my routine to write down things I have done successfully through out the year. I wrote things down that I would change on a personal level and business level for 2017. As well as, set up my passion planner before January (that right there was a smart move for me!)

For 2017 I really want to focus on my fashion line and business. What I realized in 2016 is that my social media game was not on point. I did not have a plan. I just kinda posted things on a whim without giving a lot of thought behind the post and I really want to focus on my engagement with my followers and give the best content possible.

I was able to organize my sewing process and also made it a point to keep  my work area organized and put everything back in it’s place instead of dumping everything in one pile and leaving it on my table. ( You know you do this as well! lol)

So this year my goal is to organize my social media content and force myself to schedule my content and really give some thought behind what I want to say on  my  social media platforms.

I know this has nothing to do with sewing per se. However, in the long run it will free up my time to get more sewing done and allow me to sketch and create new designs.

One way I plan to organize my thoughts, is to use a social media calendar. I know your probably thinking, “what the heck is that!” I know that is what your saying  because I said the something last year!

Basically, it’s a calendar used to gather your social media “thoughts” (pictures, quotes, recipes or what ever image you make ) and schedule them out on specific days and months ( and that is a very loose description, I don’t want to bore you).

So this new habit that I have been using for the last couple of weeks, has been a little difficult to get use to, but I have been forcing myself not to give up on it so quickly. All in all, I am happy with the new process.  It has freed up my time to spend with my family and even has allowed me to start teaching sewing classes again! AWESOME RIGHT? So Sunday is the day I implement my new “habit” and get a weeks worth of content uploaded and scheduled.

So yes, this year my new mantra is New Year New Habit!

What are some of  your new habits you will use this year?

Have an awesome year and let’s chat some more!






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