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The new Queen look. My latest sewing project


U.N.I.T.Y…… That’s U.N.I.T.Y  that song popped into my head when my BFF from High School shoots me a text. Her daughter was in a Black History program and she decided to do a report on Queen Latifah, one of the first female rappers from back in the day.

I remember when Queen Latifah hit the hip hop scene. This was a time when conscious rap was popular and the lyrics spoke about uplifting  yourself and the community.

The queen wore these awesome crowns and Afrocentric clothes. She made that look very popular amongst the teenagers who were not into gangsta rap. I remember EVERYONE wanted to be like Queen Latifah and they wanted a crown to wear.

I was working on a time limit and that particular weekend I had a lot going on. I realized that I would have to draft a pattern for my client who lived in Texas. I started to panic just a little bit. I began to contemplate on calling my friend to tell her I could not make the jacket. I mean it was a week before the event and did I mention she lives in Texas!

Which meant the project would have to mailed no later than monday. I was having these thoughts Friday night! O_0

Sat morning my BFF texts me and tells me her daughter is so excited and they have her measurements. Ok so now I’m committed, I did not want to disappoint my young client and send my girl into a panic.

Sometimes it’s easier to alter a pattern vs. create a pattern from scratch. In the end I think I was just over thinking the whole process and stressing myself out. My friend and I kinda kicked around some ideas and I knew I would not find a pattern, I just needed to find something close.  Sat I had errands to run and the 1st stop was the fabric store. So off to Joann’s I went.

Sitting at the table with a mountain of pattern books. flipping through them page by page and praying I find something close to the design in my head.

After about 45 mins  I found 3 designs I really liked. The first pattern was perfect. It was the exact style jacket I wanted. It was your typical boomer jacket and at the neck the ribbing curved.

The second jack pattern was less appealing but none the less it would work. The 3rd pattern is not even worth mentioning. I actually forgot what It looked like.

I was content with the two patterns I found. I went to the pattern drawer to retrieve the pattern and size. Guess what? THEY WERE ALL SOLD OUT! *insert small scream and face of irritation and panic.

I pulled open almost every drawer to see if I can “find” one that was maybe hidden or misplaced. After digging through all the drawers I had to settle for this pattern.

I bought the pattern, I bought some stiff interfacing and headed off to another fabric store to buy my fabric and ribbing. I sent a quick text to my BFF and told her to stay close to the phone. I will be sending her pics of african inspired fabric for the jacket and crown.

I make it to the fabric store right before they closed. I start snapping pictures and my daughters start shopping for fabric as well. Finally I get the reply I needed, “Yes I like this one too!” Boom! I am ready to start sewing.

I was very nervous now. I had to free style this crown pattern and make it adjustable for a child’s head. I kicked everyone out my room, popped on a few movies and began to cut and sew.

I started with the crown first. I did a quick google search and found a shape I liked. I transferred that shape to the interfacing

I then took the crown and cut out the fabric and added a seam allowance. I was nervous with the sewing. I never sewn with stiff interfacing but hey there was no time to cry about it. I had to make it happen.

To my surprise It turned out very good. I used my daughter’s head as a model. I secured the back of the crown with metal fastners and viola I was done!

The jacket was easy peesy. The burda instructions were straight forward. The jacket practically made it’s self! lol

Once I popped in the zipper and secured the ribbing I was done! Sat at midnight I was finished with the project. * throws confetti in the air and starts to dance!  I was so proud of myself. I took a picture and sent to my BFF to show her daughter and she said she loved it.


When I read that text all I could do is smile. Those three little words made everything I did worth the time and effort. She received her package the day before the program and from what I understand she wore the jacket for the entire month. Matter of fact my 3 daughters loved the jacket as well. So Now I have 3 more to sew up. More pics coming soon!

Thank you for stopping by! make sure to follow me on IG and Facebook to view more of my sewing projects.

Have a good one and remember Keep Sewing, Keep Creating!



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