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10 myths about sewing you may have thought about

I was excited to write this blog! I teach sewing class to beginning students. It’s part of my giving back to the community. The name of the sewing school is Sew Haute Sewing Academy (to keep up with what my students are doing you can follow me here, I know shameless plug, What?) πŸ™‚

As I was brainstorming these myths, I had to chuckle. I have had people say to me one or two of these “myths”.Β  I found them kinda funny.When people find out I teach. I always hear, “I always wanted to learn to sew!” and then it’s followed up one of the “myths” lol.

So without further adieu here is my list.

  1. Sewing is hard- I hear this all the time. What I tell the potential student is that sewing is not hard. You just lack the confidence. However, when you begin sewing you will build your confidence and VIOLA! You become a sewing wizard!
  2. Sewing is only for girls– I am not sure where people get this from. Some of the best designers are men. And guess what? in the beginning they had to sew their garments them selves. *insert surprised look.
  3. You have to have talent– NOT TRUE! you have to have determination, drive and common sense. If you don’t believe me. Google, DIY crafters and see who pops up. Most DIY’ers will tell you in the beginning they knew nothing about sewing.
  4. Only Older people sew— My youngest student is 8 yrs old and she is AWESOME!
  5. You can’t make money from sewing—Again so not true. One way to make money is by doing alterations for people. You have wedding alterations, Prom alterations. There are people who need things taken in or taken out or hemmed. If you become good at fixing clothes. Alterations can become a steady stream of income.
  6. If you are a designer you do not have to sew— I have heard this so many times from students in design school. I just laughed. I told them, “Who do you think will sew up your samples?” YOU, because you have no money to pay someone to sew for you.
  7. Sewing is expensive—There is some truth to this statement! LOL If you are a long time sewer then yes you are spending serious money for fabric, gadgets and machines. However, if you are a beginner the most you will shell out is $100 plus which includes a base model sewing machine. I advise students NOT to buy the latest and greatest machine. They are not sure they want to really sew. Spend the $90 on a basic machine and go from there.
  8. You can only make clothes—- NOPE, you can make purses, backpacks, pillows, bedspreads. If you can see it you can sew it! (My favorite saying from Jim McFarland- Master Tailor)
  9. Sewing clothes look homemade– If you are not practicing your finishing techniques your clothes will look homemade. However, when you apply designer finishing techniques to our clothes. They will look like they are right off the rack.
  10. Sewing is time consuming- Only when you put down your project and never finish it. Just like any hobby, you have to finish one project before moving on to another one. If you have the type of personality that never finishes anything. Then everything you do is time consuming. I actually have a rule. I cannot buy anymore fabric until I finish my projects. Try it and see how it works for you.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any myths to add leave them in the comments. You can follow me on rIG and Facebook to see my latest designs and projects.

And as always, Keep creating, Keep sewing.



2 thoughts on “10 myths about sewing you may have thought about

  1. Hi Siri! Great post! I thought you had given up blogging. Then I saw that you hadn’t stopped. Somehow I missed your earlier posts. Anyway, great to see you writing again. I feel so gratified when seeing little children learn to sew – everyone should learn it. Not just for business but as part of life.

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