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How do I know my sewing machine is a good fit for me?

I usually receive one email or inbox on Facebook asking me what sewing machines should I buy? Or I have a sewing machine, now what?

So today I thought I would tackle this question. For some people it seems like a dumb question. But remember, the only dumb question is the question you do not ask. When people ask me this question my first thought is, “what do you mean which machine should you buy?” Then one day as I was in Jo-ann’s I was walking past the machines and I realized wow there are a lot of machines out here. As I started to read the specs and compare them to each other. I realized there is not much of a difference between a basic model machine for $80-$90 compared to a machine that is $200. I mean I am sure there are some differences. Decorative stitches, button hole stitches etc. As I am writing this blog more and more ideas come to my mind as to how to pic a machine that is best for you.

So here we go my advice for selecting a machine.

*Basic machines  are good for new Sewers- by this I mean that machine that cost $70-$90 and has like 10-15 stitches. As long as it has a button hole stitch it will be ok.

*Always look for a machine with a buttonhole stitch. – I am sure this is a basic feature now. Back in the day it was not a standard feature. So keep your eyes open.

*If you are new to sewing and your great aunt has a machine for you to use. Grab it. The last thing you want to do is spend money on something you will not use. Again, as long as it works and has a straight stitch you are good.

*Brand does not matter in the beginning. I learned to sew on my moms old singer machine. From that point on I was a Singer kind of girl. Since then I have sewn on a brothers (I burnt out the motor) and Juki( burnt the motor out twice), I have also sewn on a basic  model Singer and hated it. Not that there is something wrong with that machine. For me, an advanced sewer, It sews very slow. Which drives me crazy! Now I have a Pfaff table top machine THAT I LOVE! This machine was gifted to me and It’s my new favorite machine. If you fine one don’t leave it behind.

*When looking for a machine don’t worry about the decorative stitches. Right now you want to concentrate of sewing straight lines

* Decide on a dollar amount you want to spend and start looking on offer up, Craigslist or any other resale app. You may find a great deal on a machine that is brand new and never been used. Or need to sale ASAP! Again you are not sure if this is something you want to do. So why invest a gazillion dollars into the machine?

*One feature that I love. A self threading needle. It doesn’t REALLY thread itself. There is a small mechanism by the needle. You pull it down and a small hook goes through the eye of the needle. You hook the thread on the needle and pull it through. It’s the best feature EVER!

*If you find an old metal machine. Get it. You can find a few at the goodwill or sometimes garage sales. Metal machines run great, are easy to maintain and last forever.

*Make sure you are buying a SEWING MACHINE and not an EMBROIDERY MACHINE. If you are not careful you will get the two mixed up.

I enjoyed sharing my list with you. If you have some advice on buying a machine. Please leave it in the comments.

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And as always, Keep creating, Keep sewing.



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