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10 sewing attachments that will make your sewing life easier


I am a gadget person. let me say it a different way I LOVE GADGETS!!! All types of gadgets. Kitchen gadgets, tech gadgets AND sewing gadgets/attachments. As I have progressed in my sewing. I have learned that there is a world of gadgets/attachments that will allow you to be more creative in your sewing.

I was in Barnes and Noble one day. I can spend hours in the book store. One of the sections I make a bee line to is the Craft/Hobby section. They will usually have a few books on sewing. Every once in a while, they will have a “Fashion” book pertaining to Illustrations, pattern making etc. This time around they had a book on sewing attachments. 🙂 Did I mention I LOVE GADGETS? So, you know this was a no brainer!

The sewing machine attachment handbook

I have had this book for a couple of years now. it’s a great resource to various sewing attachments  and how to use them. As I started to read through the book, I would search on amazon to see if they are availabe for purchase. After while my list began to grow. My list not only includes attachments. It includes fashion books, pattern making books, biography of various designers, Design history. Just a plethora of items.

Today I thought I would share my wish list of sewing attachments.

  1. Narrow hem turner- I have one that came with my Pfaff 6122 sewing machine. I did not know what it was at first. I decided to see if it was in my book on attachments. To my surprise it was there! I have the 2mm hemmer and I love it!  and it has made my life SSSOOOO much easier. I make head wraps/hijabs for people and it aids me in making those tiny tiny hems. This is a definite must have for every seamstress and sewing enthusiats


2. Binding Attachment- This attachment allows your to attach your binding to your garment or quilt easily and in one swoop. The old way, is to attach your binding with pins then sew through the layers. There has been plenty of times I have missed a piece on the underside and had to take it apart and redo it.  No one has time for that! This attachment is def on my must have list.


3. Adjustable binding attachment- Again another must have. This attachment will adjust up to 1″. I sew a lot with knits. I make knit tunics and I finish the neck with binding. knowing I can attaching binding to neck in one swoop will save me so much time. And you can use this to finish off your sleeves too!


4. Flowering attachment- I was on amazon one night searching for attachments. 🙂 and this pretty little thing popped up. I have never seen this before in my life! I watched the video AND FELL IN LOVE! Instantly I had so many ideas flood my mind immediately. I can use this for my tops, purses, head wraps etc. I was so excited I immediately added it to my wish list!decorative-daisy-flower-stitch-circular-stitcher-presser-foot-55. Free motion walking foot or quilting foot- One day I am going to make a quilt. (This is what I keep saying in my head!) and as I was doing my research on how quilters where able to make these wonderful designs. I learned about the  free motion walking foot. I thought it was a nifty attachment to have. I may use it for other things too!


6. Sequin attachment- When I shop for material with beads and sequins as trims. I often wonder how do they get the sequins on the fabric? Is there a little old lady in the back room sewing them on by hand?! 0_o And one day I cam across this nifty little thing. GENIUS I SAY! just pure genius! Not sure what I would do with it. You never know, but I am adding it to my collection

7. Seam Guide- I actually have one of these. When I bought my industrial machine years ago. This was attached to it. I didn’t know what it was for so I tucked it away. I pulled it out one day when I read it in my attachment book. You use it to help you sew straight on the fabric. A must have for sewers.

8. Trim Attachement- This particular attachment can be used for sequins or narrow ribbons. Just imagine how many ribbons you can add to your dress with this attachment


9. Invisible zipper attachment- We all know how hard it is to attachment zippers! But to attach invisible zippers is 100x harder! Especially when you do not have this attachment. I actually had one a very long time ago. When I moved I guess it got lost in the move! I sure do miss it. Especially when I had to insert 5 zippers into 5 dresses! Can you say stresses out! I will be replacing this attachment asap!



10. Ribbon/Cording Attachment- Another attachment to add ribbons or narrow cording to your clothes. If you are into decorative stitches or jazzing up your fabric. This is a must have as well. All you have to do is pin ribbon to fabric and start sewing!



That is the end of my list for now! I am sure there are more attachments out there for me to discover! and I am looking forward to it!

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And as always, Keep creating, Keep sewing.



One thought on “10 sewing attachments that will make your sewing life easier

  1. Thanks for the rundown of the gadgets, Siri! I have some of these but am most intrigued by the circular flowering attachment. Must look into that….

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